New in Leuven? Welcome!

What is LOKO and what can we do for you?

LOKO is the umbrella organisation of the student unions of Leuven, but is certainly also there for the student! We have 3 major core tasks:

1) LOKO organises events for students of Leuven. There is Ithaka, Survival of the Student, the 24 urenloop, the International Party and Think Abroad to name just a few. Fun guaranteed!

2) Additionally, LOKO represents the interests of the students. LOKO engages in accommodation, Alma, Acco, sustainability and many more interesting topics.

3) Lastly, LOKO supports both student unions and individual students. Take a look at our lending service or our training opportunities, or apply for a project subsidy!

On top of that, the independent student magazine Veto will keep you up to date with the most recent student news.

Your student union will give you a head start!

Your student union is there for you. They don’t just organise leisure activities, but also provide a syllabus distribution service and they represent their students in all kinds of faculty consultative and policy bodies.


Get to know everyone immediately.


Your personal go-to.


For problems or questions.


The cheapest way to get your syllabuses.


Get to know the city and your campus fast.


Fun activities to relax after hard work.

Get to know your student union!

Click on the name of the union to open a website with all kinds of useful information for new students!

Do you want to meet students from different study programs?

Take a look at the website of the University Parish.